Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: Common Man Coffee Roasters

It was a rainy Saturday morning when I met up with my pals at Common Man Coffee Roasters. Had heard great reviews about its brunch and coffee, so definitely it was on my list of brunch places to visit.

Sitting on Martin Road, the café was bustling when I walked in, and you could already see and feel the energy of the place through the big glass-paned windows facing the main road. Opened by the same people from 40 Hands and 5 Senses, I imagine they have got the café formula figured out in order to attract such crowds to their doors.

We were a group of 5, and we managed to get a big table by arriving at 10am. Most other guests however were split up at the bar table or a communal round table, so do come early to avoid squeezing with the lunch crowd.

Food wise I thought it lived up to my expectations, and the coffee was strong and good. We ordered the Common Man Full Veggie Breakfast:

The Common Man Full Breakfast, which I had, and I thought the flavors of each ingredient complemented each other well, and scrambled eggs were done to my liking :)

Coffee and several pots of Earl Grey tea, in very pretty earthen-ware pottery and cups:

And some churros to share. Good but not my favorite!

Last but not least, what makes a perfect brunch experience complete is the bunch of people dining together with you. Laughter and chats till the afternoon, and 4 pots of tea later, it was indeed a fulfilling brunch experience at this café. And also may I commend the service staff, I think they did a very good job and we left a happy bunch.

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